Taurus Quartet…

…consists of four experienced musicians who each have an established reputation in the chamber music world. 
The love for the quartet repertoire, the joy of digging deep into these masterpieces together and the search for harmony, electricity and a unique sound in their quartet playing, are the driving forces behind the Taurus Quartet.

Taurus Quartet first CD is released: Horizon funèbre

The combination of these two works on one CD is unique in the field. Despite the fact that there is almost a century between these two compositions, there are some striking similarities. They are final string quartets, written just before the death of these composers; reflecting on life and celebrating it, both with their own unique expression and both overwhelming in their extremes.

Schubert’s last string quartet is a magnum opus, a work in which he describes the greatness of life in all its dimensions, by using unprecedented sound effects and dynamic extremes. The first movement has the rhythm as a motor, the heartbeat of the music. The following movement combines the most tender singing with fierce and wild outbursts. A nervousness in the scherzo with a flashback to a touching, naive and child-like tune in the trio. And a wonderful finale, in which sadness and euforia go hand in hand at any time.
In his dying years Janáček wrote a musical reflection on the 600 letters written to his great platonic love, the 38 years younger Kamila. The extremes that resound here are overwhelming… the pain, sadness and anger, but also pure love, tenderness and ecstasy have perhaps never been so humanly and directly expressed as in this work.

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In order to be able to record and produce its next CD, Taurus Quartet is dependent on crowdfunding, because as a quartet we don’t have savings that could cover the cost and government subsidies are d(r)ying out.

Help us to realize this sequel to our first recording, so that the full picture of the painting ‘Wheatfield with Crows’, the Horizon funèbre of Van Gogh, will be created by our two CDs!

Taurus temp05 CD2